MeSo advices on all aspects of research management and administration, we cover all pre-award and post-award processes. MeSo offers an all-round service; from advice to implementation and compliance. In order to empower your staff to reach its full potential, we have designed a one of a kind training program: MeSo Academy. Our training sessions cover the complete research support structure and our multi-disciplinary approach enables you to optimize your research funding portfolio.

European Funds are targeted more and more by organizations in order to fund their activities, from research to capacity building and structural development. MeSo Consultants is committed to advising and assisting these organizations throughout the entire process; from application to the design, optimization and implementation of your research strategy. With an efficient and successful approach, you can increase your organization’s success. MeSo will help you to cross that bridge towards your next successes.

In order to do so you will have to align your research support service and train your staff accordingly. MeSo empowers your research support staff to optimize their services.